Check username availability using ajax style in ASP.NET:
                                                Here I'm checking the username availability  with SQL Server 2005. Here you can download  a sample project that explained to check username availability.In this sample I'm checking username using sql server at the onClick event. And also i'm used three images to represent the status of the user name (In-Progress, UserName Already Exists and UserName Available) see the below images. A please wait progress bar running after click the Check Availability button

If the given user name(vasanth) already exists in the database I've displayed the "UserName Already Exists" image.

The given user name(vasanth) already exists in the database, so we have check with some other username (here dotnetcluster). If the given user name(  dotnetcluster ) not exists in the database I've displayed the "UserName Available" image.

 You can download full code for check username availability using (c#) here. Just download and create  a virtual directory.(Before, you have create a database by using UserAvailability_SQL.txt)


  1. bhagat // August 27, 2014 at 6:37 PM  

    Dear sir

    i want to check mailed is alredy exists or not using entity freamework+sql server 2008

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