Textarea - output not showing linebreaks:
        Whitespace in HTML output, including many white-space characters in a row,is displayed in HTML pages as a single  ordinary space. And a line break also considered as whitespace.
If you want to display text that includes linebreaks in HTML so that the linebreaks show, you can do the following ways

  •  Put the text in between <pre> and </pre> tags.
  • (Use your server/client side language to convert the line breaks into <br /> tags.

For example,
Adding Line Breaks into Text Area using JavaScript:

var strAddress= document.forms[0].txt.value;
text = strAddress.replace(/\n\r?/g, '<br />');

Adding Line Breaks into Text Area using PHP:

$strAddress = str_replace("<br>", "\n", $strAddress);


  1. Anonymous // March 16, 2012 at 12:25 AM  

    This function is not running

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